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Wood Angle Photography
Woody Baby Camera.jpg


I am Donald Wood, Jr., affectionately known as Woody, since birth.  My passion for photography can be traced back to early childhood when I would get a hold of my parent's Kodak Instamatic camera, with the cubed flash (pre-historic times), and take pictures of my surrounding. 

Over time, that simple enjoyment of 'taking pictures' evolved into a passion for capturing compelling images, as a self taught photographer.  By 2012, I started my photography business as a residual effect of a few friends and family members encouragement to provide a service with my gifts and passion.

So, why choose me to hire? Simply put - The W.A.V.E. (Wood Angle Visual Experience).  Aside from my attention to detail and consistently creating high-quality images, my clients have remarked about how they enjoyed the overall experience shooting with me.  I'm personal, passionate, perceptive, playful and, most importantly, professional. (I just wanted to show my proficiency with 'P' word adjectives, lol)

I look forward to collaborating with you soon!


Ancillary Facts: I have an affinity for anything basketball related, music (ranging from John Coltrane to J. Cole), freestyling, traveling, reading, watching documentaries, dry humor, and stimulating conversations.

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